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Currently have 252K miles on my 300sd. Though I have several questions.
#1 Battery and Brake pad indicators in the dash do not glow when going to crank the engine (but the glow plug indicator do light up). As soon as the engine starts the glow plugs indicator turn off, but the battery and brake indicator start flickering, sometimes stops lighting up under hard acceleration. I have replaced all the fuses (red/white/blue), also I have check the back of the alternator for a secure connection. I have not noticed any loss in battery power, so I assume the alternator is charging the battery.
# 2, Suddenly my high beams (both sides)stop working, but low beams work fine. Even with new lights problem still occures and I have replace all the red/whit/blue fuses and still have the problem.
#3, From a past article posted several months ago, a member who had a 190E had a problem with a screeching noise from the dash board. The only to stop the noise was to hit the turn signals (which stops the noise only for a few seconds). A recommendation by a tech in this forum was to replace all the fuses (red/white/blue), which will stop the screeching sound.
I have done the suggestion, but the noise is still there... any other suggestions?

All responses will be greatly appreciated....