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Thanks for the reply. Actually, an MB rep told me a few years ago that my car wasn't affected or covered by the recall, because the problem didn't affect 380's. So I dropped it.

However, a mechanic, who's been working on MB's for over 30 years, told me later that I should have my subframe reinforced anyway, because the 380 subframe is identical to the 450 subframe, and also prone to cracking, -- as some 380 owners have apparently confirmed.

He also said that he could make the reinforcements from regular sheet metal and weld them onto the subframe for less that $200. But he recently retired, and I don't know where to find him.

I was therefore hoping that someone here would know a cost effective solution to the problem. In fact, if I could find the picture of the 107 with a reinforced subframe that I once saw here or somewhere else on the web, I could have my new mechanic make the brackets for me. So if anyone happen to know where that picture is, or have a picture of a reinforced subframe they could post, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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