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yep, that's the number...did you say the thermo valve is IN the manifold? It reads "themo valve" on the package I got from the dealer but assuming its the thermo valve with that part number.I also noticed that what looks like the item 89 in the diagram is right next to the right side (facing the car) of the spark plug wires and is not disconnected from its source...Do you think it would work if I put a T-connector and just call it a day? The only thing with that is the fact that whatever it is hissing will still hiss therfore losing vaccum "somewhere" I can't find...this is sooo frustrating and of course by the time I got in last night I didn't even get to check on her (but I do remember that the item 89 was connected). JRJ, my buddy did tell me about the airsleeve sometimes sticking and he tapped it with a "polyurethane" hammer just in case that was the case (that little sucker is like $300 here!) Once we did that and I got on the road, it didn't change and even when I got back home, I heard it doing what it was supposed to anyway... also Steve, is that diagram the same for the 560 SEL?
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