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300 E / feels like it is starving for fuel

My Benz is a 1989 300E with about 117,000 miles. Occasionally it feels like it is running out of gas or starving for gas. This happens most often when cold and accelerating right after starting but does sometimes happen on the highway usually after a sustained period of 70 mph (maybe a teeny bit more) and then decelerating. Last weekend I was on the highway and had the cruise set for 72. I slowed to about 50 and for the next 10 minutes or so, the car wouldn't accelerate normally. It eventually goes away but obviously something is wrong and I would like to fix it. Any ideas?? The first time this happened on the highway, I immediately replaced the fuel filter and it seemed better but has started to reoccur. It wasn't that long ago so I don't know that the filter had anything to do with it.
Thanks for the help.
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