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Attached are pictures of my 380sl's subframe. If you compare my subframe to the subframe in the pictures you mentioned, you'll see that the latter has horizontal steel plates welded to the area where the bolts connect the control arm to the subframe, thereby reinforcing the area.

The reinforcements on the 560sl I saw were a little more elegant than these, and included plates that connected the bottom rails to each other. But I'm sure both function similarly.

The interesting thing is that the 560sl has the aluminum engine that MB said didn't stress the subframe as much as the 450sl's iron engine. Yet, MB reinforced the 560sl subframes, but not the 380sl subframes. The incidences of cracking in the 380sl subframe that Bill Ditmier and others have observed seems to support the assertion that MB's failure to recall the 380sl's didn't make any sense.

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1981 380sl
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