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I have all the rods still connected, I was just talking about the front of the engine (timing chain, all power acc). I think on saturday I'm gonna pull the engine and see what I can find, There is no carbon build up, I cleaned the top of all the pistons when I had the head off. Any tricks on pulling these engines or is it as easy as a old american V8? The point where it becomes stiff is right on the 0 mark on the crankshaft every revolution. no matter intake or exaust (inapplicable anyway without camshaft hooked up) The junkyard I get parts from has no warntee, but the engine is only about 100 bucks with most of the acc still on it so if the block is damaged in any way ill just go grab one or two from down there and have a few different options, If I start tearing into this block im going to completely rebuild it so wish me luck!!!!
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