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Thanks for clarifying this for me, Rich. I'd love to replace the control arm bushings, subframe bushings and motor mounts on my car. But I read in another forum that they can be a *****, and I don't want to open a can of worms that may take me days to close. (See, e.g., the thread at ). Sounds to me like you must have really known what you're doing to replace all those things in 5 hrs.

Assuming that I'd like to MIG weld the reinforcement brackets onto the subframe with the least amount of difficulty, could you tell me the best way to go about it? That is, can I just support the car, remove the nuts on the control arm bolts, remove the washers, weld the reinforcements on, and then rebolt the arm?

If, OTOH, I want to replace the control arm bolts and bushings while I'm there, how difficult would that be? Can I just support the car on jack stands, drop the control arm, replace the bushings, lift the control arm into place, and rebolt it? Or is the downward pressure of the spring going to make that impossible?

Thanks very much in advance for the advice.

1981 380sl
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