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I'm a big fan of Subaru's as well. I know they don't have the prestige of MB and Volvo, but they are incredibly durable cars. I have cousins in Anaheim who drive nothing but Subaru's. They have 3 of the old GL wagons. He bought one brand new, and purchased two that were wrecked, and built one good one. So he has two drivers and one parts car. Both of them have in the 250,000 mile range and continue to run even though he abuses them (in my opinion). My dad, who was one of the best mechanics I ever met, before he died, sold his MB 380 SE with 399,000 miles and bought an 86 Cadillac Fleetwood (rear wheel drive). He borrowed one of the Subaru for a couple of months in between cars. Because he was such a fanatic about cars running properly, he did some work on it and felt that it was better engineered than his MB. Meaning that it was less complicated and durable.
Also, they are crashworthy. I posted a loooong post in a thread titled Saabs? in the open Discussion forum. Check it out.
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