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Originally Posted by Dee8go View Post
Chad, did you use any sound-deadening material in your car? Mine is rather noisy and hollow-sounding. I'm planning to put some in my sunroof once I get it to close all the way. Also in my doors.
I didn't put any in but there are some sheets inside the doors and the first aid kit area. You can see the stuff in the pic I posted of the inside of the first aid kit door. I don't know if a PO put it there or if it's something from the factory. Considering it's a diesel, I don't have an excessive noise or hollow-sound to the body. I considered something like dynamat, but I decided to keep the money since I think my wagon is fine as is in that department.

I'll have to look for it, but there was a member, on this forum IIRC, that has a site where they offer a 3M sound deadening material precut for w123's. It looked better than Dynamat and he was offering it to other MB owners since he had to buy a minimum.


That's the link, however it doesn't look like he's offering anything for the doors, just everything else.
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