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I only had a few minutes (because I like probably a lot of the guys had to take the little lady out yesterday) while she got ready but anyway, I previously said that the valve had only two outlets (trying to work from memory) but after checking it out it actually has THREE outlets...Steve, you're right about both of the lines you described. One went to the item 89 (by the spark plugs-right side) and the other went to the top of the intake (which is plugged) but there is ONE MORE outlet and that one is the one I cannot locate the correct place to connect to its source. It has an elbow connector on both sides of a white colored "hard" line that reaches down toward the water pump area (and the elbow end down there does seem to have some minor dirt and expansion toward the end of it (like it was over something that would expand the tubing when installed-I hope that sounds right).Any ideas as two why this valve would need to have THREE inlets or could I plug it because the other two are connected (to the item 89 and the intake)? Thanks for all of the help so far Steve...
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