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GREAT DISCUSSION!! - So those of us who are at 100 -110 should (pardon the pun) chill out. It is normal. So if we can accept that up to 110 is normal (depending on outside temp - & air cond on) I have only one other question before my queasy stomach relaxes. When someone says their Mercedes overheated and the engine was damaged --- what temperature did it hit to do the damage??? As a side note- my car(88 560sel) is in storage for another 2 months. As soon as I get it out - I have an infra-red non-contact laser guided temperature reader - I am going to check the temperature on the motor, rad and hoses and compare them to the guage in the dash. Maybe those whose gauges read 80-90C normal are off or maybe ours at 100-110C are off - when I find out I will post results.
I think I speak for a lot of us when I say all we trying to do is ensure we don't unintentionally damage our prized cars by running them too hot.
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