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TO: Tkamiya

Makes sense to me. My 560,if outside temp is about 88F or lower with air cond on never goes above 100C - 90C max with air off. However- I drive down to Indiana to visit my sister every summmer and the temps there are usually 95-100F. Under these conditions cruising down the highway at 70MPH my max temp is 100-105F if I put the air on it starts climbing over about 3-5 minutes to 110 at which point I turn the air off, sweat, and continue till it drops again. In my worries about overheating, I have had the rad flushed and tested (it is 100%), new hoses, thermostat (twice), new water pump, new viscous fan, new rad reservoir cap. All changd with absolutely no difference with the temps. All I have left to try are the temp sensors. But if you are saying that if I let the engine go past 110C to maybe 115C - there would be no engine damage and I might be surprised to see the aux fan kicking in. At 110c now it does not kick in. I hot wired the aux fan so it is on full time and under the worst outside temp conditions with air on the engine will not climb over 100C. That is why I worried about 110C. Thank you very much for your input -- I am feeling more comfortable about higher engine temps.
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