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Thanks for your reply Dave. Changed it last night, and after about 7 test drives got it pretty good. The first shift-24mph-is a little soft, and the second-34mph-feels a little firm. I'm about a half-quart high on fluid and need to suction that before any more adjustment. It will be interesting to see how close I got to 55psi by trial and error.

I replaced the vacuum lines from the trans to the intake manifold and then there to the fire wall and no sign of fluid after about 40 miles of driving. The gasket is also leaking a bit, and it looked like there may be a leak at the kickdown solenoid. Wev'e had the car for less than 2 months, and it shows signs of sitting idle.

The shift points seem a little close together, so the next hunt will be for the Bowden cable and sheck the adjustments there. Thanks again for the information--you are the tranny guru.
1989 560 SEL
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