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Quick question about Bosch Wire Set

UPS guy just dropped off my new plugs and wires, and upon inspecting the wires I noticed that 1 of the boots is different than the others.

Of the 7 wires in the box:
1 is for the coil
there are 5 various lengthed with the SAME boots

and 1 smaller Elbow boot. This is the one that I dont like. Its about the same length as the shortest "normal" booted wire.

Also, the one in question has a 5k ohm resistor written on it, and the 5 others have 1k resistance.

part numbers (5 boots):

the other one:

This is for a 1970 280 se/sl. Wire set part number : 09023

I just want to make sure nothing has accidentally been mixed up. Thanks a lot!
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