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To: Tkamiya
I sent you my email - please forward the article -I'd really appreciate it. Unfortunately you are wrong where I live. I live on the cold Canadian Prairies where we can get up to -45F tempertures, so my antifreeze has to be set for -50F protection as I have unheated storage. My daughter's car had a slipping alternator belt the other day - by the time she drove home with her lights on(45 minutes) it was too late. At -35F the battery froze. New battery time.
There are 2 temp. sensors I believe - 1 on air cond pressure and one for coolant ( I think) - since car is in storage till spring -that was my next step)to look up in cd manual and change.Are you referring to the coolant sensor when you say it can drift? Changing the air cond. one scares me as up here it is illegal to use R-12 as of Jan 1 this year. To change the air cond sensor means to convert to R-134, maybe change compressor to proper type - yadda - yadda -yadda - In other words - I really don't want to change it unless it is absolutely necessary as my air cond works great!
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