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I think you would have to get a booster. Just try to find the one with the thinest back. A 3 year old should be in a car seat. In fact here in New York it is either required by law or will be soon. it is also required in New Jersey. It is required to 60 pounds. The booster is a seat that either holds the child up higher so the stock shoulder belt fits better, or (on the 2 I have) also has a 5 point harness that holds them in. You attach the belt to the booster and then the child belts into the seat with the harness. They will loose a bit of leg room but will be much safer. I also use these for the kids whenever we fly. We have to buy them a seat but if a child was ever hurt by being on my lap I would not be able to live with myself for trying to save some money. Not sure if they are available in Europe. It allways drives me crazy when I see someone with kids jumping around in a car.
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