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To Tkamiya:
I got the article - Thank you very very very much. The work I could have saved plus the money!!!! Unbelievable - IT REALLY IS NORMAL to hit 115C!!! May I quote from the article " if the outside air temperature is in the 90's and you have the air conditioning on full blast with 5 people in the car - you can expect to see 110C on the guage" NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL. Please contact the Moderator of Tech Help and see if you can upload the one meg file to a thread - I guarantee you there are many Mercedes owners out there who are just as paranoid as I was. I think it would be a great service to make this article available to ALL members who request it. I now firmly believe after reading that article that anyone who has a Benz that is running at 80-90C when the outside temp is 100F - has a faulty guage or sensor. Oh Man - the hours I wasted - Phil should stock up on Red Line Water Wetter and try to get Mercedes Antifreeze - Never thought of the Ph factor!! Sorry for rambling - I am so relieved!!! If the Jpeg files are too large to post - let me know and I have text recognition software that can convert the images to text . If there is too much text I can post the three pages individually. I can do it early next week. Have a Great Week end!
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