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I notice more jackrabbit starts by BMWs, ricers, and some others at lights when I am in my 560SL than when in any other of my cars, though it is older and not too hot by most standards. Then again it seems absolutely everyone jackrabbits away from my 240D!
I have supposed its the Star in the grill that sets them off. Don't know how they would know a 400E from the front, though. Maybe just any MBZ sets some folks off and running.

But........Maybe I don't understand this thread. I thought carman 850 was commenting on his perception that Bimmers were challenging him because of his car being a hot MBZ, rather than about his MBZs acceleration being less than his Toyoto or Volvo's when behind a BMW

If I am confused, then how about this:
I am sure I can start the SL off in first by just down shifting to "2B" (flick to the right from bottom most position of shift lever) while stopped, then back to D. Doesn't stay long in first after starting off unless you are pushing it though. Isn't this actually a shift to first? If not why the extra shift? If so, can this simple shift to first not be done on other models?

75 240D
86 560SL
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