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No, I don't mean my 400E is slow at all, like renyf1 said I may lose 0-10mph, but any speed above that, it leaves most of Bimmers in the dust, I think only M5 M3 and 540i can actually beat 400E. It seems to me BMW owners admire German engineering like us, seeing a MB behind them really set them off.

0-60 involves some other factors, eg. gear ratio and tire size etc. I once did some calculation on the power/weight ratios of most high performance 4 door sedans, I think this ratio determines the real world passing capabilities, The result is only a handful out there can beat 400E, they are: 2002 Maxima, 2002 Altima, 2002 Infinity G35, Volvo S60T5, S80T6, Lexus GS430/400, BMW M5, and 540i, cars have similar ratios are: Lexus LS430/400, Acura CL/TL type S, and MB E430.
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Still missing the days with the Benz, it kept me busy.
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