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Hey, Carman and PJG56 (and any other lucky 400E owners.)
Pls. tell me about the 400E.
I am seriously considering a 1993 400E, 163,000Km (101,000mi) one owner car with all the records. Light green with tan interior.
Any maintenance problems?
Is this a troublesome car in terms of always having something going wrong?
Cost of ownership/maintenance?
What are the things to watch/check before buying?
Nothing major has been done on the car. No timing chain, head gaskets, A/C work. Will these thing go wrong within the next 25 miles? What size tires are you using.
Asking price: $19,000. ( approx $12,500US)
I am told a simple tune-up cous cost over $1,000. Any comments?
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