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This ad was already posted once, however in the wrong section (I'm a new member).

I've purchase a 190E 2.6 and it ran fine for two weeks. Took a road trip and now problems are numerous. The a/c is dead. When I turn it on, the RPMs shoot to 3000 and higher and the engine wants to die. There is a loud sweal come from the engine bay that sounds like a wet belt or a sick rabbit. I've read alot about A/C problems in 190's. Is this going to bankrupt me?

Also, can anyone tell what the features of this vehicle are. Central locking? Alarm system? And what's with the blinking lights? Is there suppose to be an entry light? And what is the flat switch on the dash? It has a bent line, verticle slash marks and an arrow pointing downward. I've ordered a manual and Bentley Bible but can't wait for the answers in them.

And can someone tell me what is the normal oil temp. and oil pressure. Mine is running 85c and 3, respectively.

I feel like selling this car and I haven't made my first payment yet.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Also - It's very comforting to know that this site is up. If the site manager takes montary tips I'll surely provide. You have my full support and gratitude. Thank you.