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Vacuum lines under intake manifold - 560SEL

Tonight, sitting watching the idiot box and all of the sudden I get the urge to check the vacuum lines under the intake. I must have been thinking about a prior post regarding these lines, I don't know, but I went out to check any way.

What I found was a black vacuum line and a white vacuum line going under the intake at the left front, I decided to check that they were attached and I found:

Now this just didn't look kosher, so I broke out the flash light and looked under the intake. I found two tubes, one easily accessible the other will be more difficult.

The easy one

the difficult one

Which line goes to which tube. Looks to me like the black line goes to the "easy" tube and the white one goes to the other one. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, any ideas on how to properly reattach without pulling the intake? I hope I never meet the person who worked on this beast last. I can't imagine this thing passing smog check with two major vacuum leaks under the manifold.
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