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Originally Posted by droederer View Post
I have oil leaking out of the bell housing. Looks like the rear seal is leaking. I can also see some tranny fluid. I am thinking about replacing the Rear Crankshaft Seal and the Front Tranny Seal. What do I need to know?
1986 560SL, Eng 117.967.

Hey guys I need your help. Can I get some help from you smart guys?

What you need to know is that I pulled my tranny thinking I would do the same only to find out it was a head gasket.

If it really is the seal it can be replace but requires a special tool. Or it can be fabricated on a lathe. Also there are special lip seals available if the crank has a ring worn in it that allow the lip to ride on a new portion of the crank.

For the transmission, some piece of pipe either PVC or steel will usually do the job as a seal installer.

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