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Originally posted by suginami
O.K. fine, I'll take your word for it that Subaru sells non-AWD vehicles somewhere in the world, just not in the U.S. or Japan. But for all practical purposes, the fellow in question lives in the U.S. so every Subaru he will find will be AWD.

My statement that Subaru's AWD systems are durable is not to suggest that they'll never break. It also doesn't imply that therefore every other AWD system is unreliable.

Not true many many until fairly recently were sold here as front wheel drive. my neighbor has a front wheel drive legacy here in New York that I think is in the US. It has only been until the last few years that they are "all" all wheel drive. I have even seen some that have all wheel drive on them that are in fact front wheel drive in some used car lots. So be careful. Most of them are reliable though. This is important especially since given the price range he will be looking at older ones (80's-early 90's), you know the really ugly ones.
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