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Boy, you guys are busting my balls! Everything stated here on this forum is taken extremely literally!

I know that Subaru has made front wheel drive vehicles in the past. They represented a small total of their total vehicles sold.

At some point in the early 90's, they stopped making front wheel drive and started producing only AWD vehicles (at least in the U.S. There may be some countries in the world where they may or may not be producing front wheel drive cars).

The point is that if he looks for Subarus, nearly all of them will be AWD, unless of course he looks at models from the early 90's to late 80's.

I'm not a Subaru expert, but I have it on pretty good authority from my Subaru fanatic cousin that I'm on pretty solid ground.

I also coincidentally by chance happed to tour the head office of Subaru in Maryland. I work in the food industry and one of the companies I was visiting purchased the old office building that Subaru was using. I toured the facility and talked to some of the guys working there. As part of the deal, many of the managers were given Subaru's. This was back in late 94 / early 95.

If anyone wants me to search to determine the exact year that Subaru went to only AWD, I will.

For crying out load, cut me slack!!!!!

I'm afraid to make any comment about a car anymore on this thread. Some member somewhere in some part of the world will find some small error in detail and throw me to the wolves.
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