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107 Soft Top Sources - Review/Comments

Anyone have any experience, good or bad, with any of the following softtop suppliers? I've included pricing on a top for a 560SL, current as of this posting. I'd like to get as much input as possible to make an informed choice.

I'd especially like to get input from those who did their own installation....but even if it was hired out, feel free to chime in....additions to the list welcomed too.

Internet Sites

Robbins (Do not sell direct)

GAHH North Hollywood CA GER $717.00 SON $642.00

Rich and Famous Van Nuys CA (See EBay list)

Germanex Northridge CA GER $350.00 SDK $325.00

Electron Top Richmond Hill NY SON $900.00

EZ-On Iva SC (no info on site)(sold by EBay seller Topsonline and Cabrioworld)

Kee auto Tops Charlotte NC (no info on site)

Convertibletopguys South Kingstown RI SON $560.00 SDK $445.00 STF $300.00

German auto tops (location ?) (no site info)

Prestige auto tops UK GER $449.95

Cabrioworld Newark NJ GER $410.00 SON $365.00 (EZ-on distributor)

Duettomotors CA GER $439.95 SON $359.95

World Upholstery Santa Paula CA GER $499.00 SON $425.00

Adsit Muncie IN GER $445.50

KHM Germany GER 565 euros (added Jan29/08)

EBay Sellers

Diamondmall GER $299.99 GER $329.00

Richandfamousautotops GER $350.00

Hindsightseeing GER $402.00

(And I'd like to credit forum poster laverda from Benzworld for the initial list of internet sources
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