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190E 2.3-16 No. 1 Cylinder Dead

M.B.DOC, Benzmac, Others,

I noted last night the 1986 Euro 190E 2.3-16 is running poorly. I took the plugs out today and on cylinders 2,3,&4 the center post of the Platinum "4" configuration, including the 4 electrodes for about half their length, were a light brown to tan color while the number 1 cylinder's plug was just black. When I ran the car in idle and pulled the wire off the No. 1 plug, the idle was unaffected leading me to conclude it is not running anymore.

I tried to get some new copper plugs today, but could not find a store open that carried the ones for this car. So I got some of the origninal Bosch Platinums. No real improvement. The rest of the cylinders seem to run a little better, and it has a somewhat improved throttle response, but the number one cylinder still does not fire. I checked by pulling the plug wire with the engine running and no change. Pulled the number two plug wire with the engine running, and it nearly shut off, got much rougher. Put it back on and the car ran better. It holds its idle, a bit rough, but stays at its 1,000 rpm +/- 100 rpm.

I took the old plug, and connected it to the plug wire and cranked the engine. It had a very wimpy orangish spark. I checked the new plug and it was better, but still pretty wimpy. I checked the No. 2 cylinder plug, and it was pretty wimpy too. Is this normal? I would have expected a readily visible blue or white spark, that was also audible. These are very thin, very low temperature events.

I am at a loss for what to do next. I could start replacing parts, like the coil, the distributor cap and rotor, and so on, until I go broke or die of old age, whichever comes first. I would rather go at this with some hint as to what is likely to be the culprit. Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance, Jim
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