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Leak on top one on bottom is it a big deal?

Car 300d
This car drives me crazy! I was under the car and saw that the Exhaust Manifold Gasket is leaking from the cylinder closets to the firewall. Looks to be a small leak. I was looking at something one the top of the engine and saw an oil leak. This one looks like it is from the intake gasket. My first question is how long of a job would it take the average person to change these out? The next question is it some thing that can wait? I have ordered the gaskets but would like to wait until it is warmer out to work on it.

I am a little anal about my engines and little issues bother me to the point that I can’t sleep at night until I fix them. I wish I could be like my wife and just drive the thing and never have a worry in the world about the occasional clunk hear or grind there or small oil leak. Hell one time she Back out of the garage up the drive and half way down the street with a completely flat tire before she stopped. When I asked her if something felt different she just said “no I just had to give it more gas to get it going.”
1987 300D Turbo
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