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'87 300D PWR Steering and Tranny

I have been battling a leaky transmission for weeks now as well as disappearing power steering fluid. Initially, I had a leak in one of the hoses for the power steering. I have replaced the hoses and no more leaks. I will be ordering a replacement tranny pan as I think mine is warped. My question is whether the tranny fuid and the power steering fluid is tied together somewhere. I put clear power steering fluid in the resevoir, but there is now red fluid in there. I wouldn't have thought these two systems were tied together, but who knows what those German engineers will do. I am really tired of tracking down all of the leaks on this car and am ready to have them all behind me. While troubleshooting this problem yesterday, I discovered a dried up hose coming off of the secondary fuel filter...i was leaking diesel all over the place. I think i just need to replace every rubber item on the car.

On a separate note, while replacing the rear differential bushings Saturday, I accidentally broke a cable going to the differential. Once I broke it, my "Antilock" light on the dash stays on. I am assuming this cable senses something in the rear end and is tied to the antilock break system. Don't know why this would be tied to the rear-end, but this is all I can come up with.

Lastly, I just came across a thread detailing a connector under the carpet in the rear of the car for the locks. I am going to dive into this later today, but if this isn't the problem, are there any switches, etc. behind the driver's door panel that control the locking system? I have replaced the pump, connectors, etc. and the locks still don't work. I wish Merecedes had stuck with the locking system from the 123 as I would have had this problem fixed by now.

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