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The PS fluid is separate from the transmission fluid, probably red/ATF in the pump which is now mixing with your clear PS (Valvoline?) fluid. There's a filter in the reservoir also.

The differential has an ABS sensor in it. The sensor is plugged into the passenger side toward the front / input end of the differential. The other end of the ABS sensor wire is plugged in behind/under the back seat on the passenger side near the locking pump, runs through a grommet out of the car at the bottom right/center of the seatback.

There is a switch in each locking cylinder: (2) front doors and (1) trunk lock that actuate the locking pump. In the doors, you can get to the plug by opening the door, look in the jamb at the rear of the door and you'll see an oval black plug. Pull that plug out of the door and it should be holding the connector to the lock cylinder.

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