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Originally Posted by Chad300tdt View Post
That's cool Eric. I saw your post "over there", and think everything looks good. Nice work. I wish my speakers fit under the dash, but they almost touch the vent tube when mounted on top. The company I ordered the speakers from were completely wrong about them fitting and had a crappy return policy. I figured that if I couldn't make these work I would go buy new grills and speakers. I'm happy enough with the way they look now, so I'm keeping it as is.
Yeah - Crutchfield at least warned me that mine wouldn't fit....but I chose to ignore it because I'm a glutton for punishment.

I did enjoy your magazine backdrop in your other thread. You're a classy young man, Chad - I'll never post photos again because you've set the artistic standard so high.

and Dee8go - when are you going to finally install the Dynamat in your wagon? You've been talking about that stuff for months now.

I'm still happy with my infinity speakers......but I'm starting to regret not putting a sub in. Oh well, I've got other problems to fix.
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