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Originally Posted by LeaUK View Post
You may like to read my indepth review too R129 - Soft top manufacturers albeit for R129s.
However in summary, KHM make R107 soft tops for Benz! That speaks for itself...
They also fir in their own factory In fact I'm off their in the summer...
Lea, many kudos for your threads (I did read the entire UK site thread too!). I'm certainly not trying to start the soft-top discussion, but the focus here is more on the lesser priced variants out there, and I would think, for the same reason, available in the US.
I did add KHM to the list though. Right up there with Robbins and GAHH.
It appears that you get what you pay for, but as ctaylor738 noted, just what are we paying that extra for? What is missing on the $400.00 tops, and is it important enough to pay twice this to get it?
For the do-it-yself owner, like me, I'd like to hear from others if they encountered specific installation problems that could be related to the supplied product, things like poor sewing or pattern cutting....
Also, it appears that you are the expert in the subject of window plastics. I gathered from reading your threads that we can expect thinner with lesser $, but again, given modern materials, Ultralite eg., and proper care in folding etc., how big a deal is this for a $400.00 top that may flap more than original or $high-end at 125mph?
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