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"and this leak is kinda of an oil consistency".

Does that mean it is viscous or that it is slippery to the touch?

Coolant is slippery to the touch as well.

Power steering fluid could be clear to red depending on what was used.

ATF is usually red.

Brake fluid could be golden to black (depending on how often it's changed) - but could also be blue.

Motor oil golden to black, depending on where you are in the oil change cycle (since were not talking diesel).

Coolant should be a watered down color of what ever you're using, in this case pale green since you've got green in there. Now depending on whether there is any rust or build-up in your cooling system, you might see some different color.

You've got a 300E, so we don't need to worry about the leveling system fluid.

Hope you figure it out.
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