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C Paul
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UK 230e 1991 Does it have OVP? Cant find it

My wife has 1991 230e UK model 4 cylinder petrol. It has a hot start problem which is spoiling her enjoyment of the car a bit. The car takes a few turns of the starter if its been left for about 10 - 20 minutes. If its left to cool down it generally starts, albeit slowly, on the first turn of the ignition. It doesn't burst into life like my 1995 e220.

Our mechanic has fitted a new fuel pressure regulator but, if anything, this has made things slightly worse. It now takes a few seconds to start from cold.

I've read about this OVP but i've looked in the area behind the firewall behind the battery and all I see are two connectors attached to thick wired substantial wiring harness conectors and one small black plastic relay - no ovp with fuse on top.

maybe this car doesn't have one in which case I'd be obliged for any other ideas on the cause of this hot start problem.
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