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Originally Posted by Chad300tdt View Post
That's cool Eric. I saw your post "over there", and think everything looks good. Nice work. I wish my speakers fit under the dash

thanks, man. I have some nice battle scars on my hands from working those 3-ways under there but they were absolutely worth it. I didn't take any pictures of the new fronts but I'll try to pop the grilles and get a few shots this weekend and I'll post them here. Did I mention how good they sound? =) I'm already scheming where I can hide a 4x50W amp now...

For the time being, it all sounds great and thumb drive MP3s are rockin' my world right now. That tiny 1GB thumb drive I found is really unobtrusive, pic attached.

Yes, I know the trim above it is missing... remember when I said the warping bothered me? I pulled it, separated it from the backing plate and am currently pressing it back flat. I'll re-epoxy it to the plate and re-mount this weekend and the console will be pretty stylin'. Anybody have suggestions for which adhesive to use for that?
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