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I went to Performance Products store in Van Nuys yesterday with Ernesto (Hi-Power), and purchased one for my W124. I believe they are used for any MB. You need to buy a new shaft for the knob to attach onto, and that was about $15.00. I don't know why you just can't screw-off your old knob and screw on the new one, but the service counter guy assured me that it can't be done. You have to apparently replace it from underneath by taking out the center console.

On the catalog I have Fall / Winter 2001, the shift knobs we are talking about are shown in two places. The one on the back cover of this catalog is item #6213 and is listed as $79.00. This is the version that I bought.

In the middle of the catalog is another model, #6157, and they are listed for $139.00. They look exactly the same so I don't know why they are different prices.
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