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Weird electrical issue 88 300 SEL

My fuel pump and relay went out. I didn't have time to fix it myself, so I took it to the local indy I trust. Fixed it and had it back to me within the day. But when I got home I had a weird electrical issue. When I turn off the ignition the radio doesn't go off. It stays on until I open and then close the door, even with the key out. Even more odd to me, the radio kicks on when I open the door back up, even with the key out of the ignition. When I close the door again it goes off. I replaced my becker about a month ago with a new alpine. Ran all new wires to the speakers and bypassed the amps. But I hadn't had this or any problems since installation. The only electrical thing my mechanic did was to replace the fuel pump relay. Anyone have any thoughts?

I also notice that when I open the door the SRS light comes on. I hadn't noticed that before, maybe I just never paid attention. Anyone with a w126 want to tell me if their SRS light comes on when you open the door?
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