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Smile It was the stalk/combination switch

1. It was the stalk switch the resistance was much more on the Flashers option of the switch and it also fluctuated.
2. I took it out to see what if anything I can do, it was a riveted unit so not much. Trying to get to the contacts was a hard job because itís at an angle you canít get into. Also I resoldered both ends of the switch, after all this still no luck!
3. Went to my dealer and drop $107 to get a new one and this did it! I ohmed out the new one just to see what kind of resistance it would give, It was the same (.2W) for both high-beam and flasher positions. There were some updates to the switch as I compared them; the wires are now supported by a metal bracket coming from the switch and there is an extra short black wire with a female bayonet type plug coming from pin #12 (must be an option my car donít have).

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