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I would like to ask about your personal ex-
perience regarding MB engines in general.
The intention is to learn more about these

Hope is not too much questions.

- Is there some MB prone to sufur liner
wear like some BMW?
- In case of a oil pump failure,what is the
first engine component that will usually
fail: The turbocharger (if there is one)?
The main bearing (wich)?
Maybe the con rods bearings?
- In case of an overspeed (a driver error)
wich (inlet or exaust) valves are more like
to hit the piston head?
- If I overheat a MB engine,is there some cy-
linder that will allways fail firs?
- The same for prechambers failures,is there
some cylinder more prone to failures?
- The pistons of a MB diesel have some kind
of surface treatment,why they don't crack
so often as the prechambers?
- Is true that diesel engines need a bit more
play (piston/liner) in the #1 cylinder?
If yes,is there some known reason for it?
- Those trap oxider failures can result in
turbo failures because the debris get back
against the turbine blades?

I am a student of technical automobiles topics and once worked in a MB dealer,but
it was a truck dealer.

Thank you/Edio.