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SL600 Sport AMG tires on regular SL600

I have a 1997 SL600, regular edition, which comes with it's standard 16" tires. Wanted to upgrade to staggered look, bought 18" 5-star set off 2007 CLS. Tires are of the same size as owner's manual states for sport edition (245/40/18 front, 275/35/18 rear), offset was very slightly off (like 2mm). However, they were scratching the front calipers (like 1-2mm deeper than needed). I had to use spacers, because of unique hubs had to use 15mm, nothing less would fit. Now, everything looks and feels great, but... at speeds over 65mph, the car lowers, and at wavy highway, tires are touching the fenders
So, looks like I am too wide...?

Question to gurus out there - is there any difference between R129 1996-1999 sport edition vs. regular, in terms of room under the fenders, size of disk brakes, calipers, diameter of hubs, etc.? Would I finally put this issue to rest, if I just buy a set of AMG 18" 5-star monoblock rims, that were standard on a sport edition?

Any help would be appreciated...

1997 SL600
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