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Rough restart after driving

I know there are many post about the jetronic engine control system but i haven't been able to find anything that could help me with my experience which is as follows;

1. The car, 350sl/117 engine, cold starts right up with no problems and idles about 900 rpm until the engine is warmed up .

2. The idle settles in at about 700 rpm when warm before driving off after a cold engine start up. I can't seem to get it any higher.

3. After a drive to a destination and the car has sat for some time, about 20 min. for example, upon restarting the car, it does not want to idle.
I have to feather the pedal and or start to accelerate immediately to keep the car running. If I take my foot off the throttle the idle will drop to around 600 rpms or lower.

Does this problem sound farmiliar to anyone?
Coolant temp sensor maybe?
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