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ECU isn't that intelligent.

I'd say that you have either a vac leak or a bad wire in the cold start circuit somewhere. Possibly in the temp gauge that controls it.

Of course it's D-Jet and therefore very very touchy about vac leaks and dirty points etc.

If you plan on doing much of any work on the car yourself you need to familiarize yourself w/ the D-Jet. I recommend "How to Tune & Modify Bosch Fuel Injection" by Ben Watson as well as the M117 FSM.

Good Luck.

Edit: Check the temp sensor in the snorkel on the air cleaner. It might be unplugged. If it is, plug it in & test. If it's plugged in, unplug it and test. Some of them run better w/o it. I'm sure there's a resistance test out there for that sensor books aren't in front of me right now.

Edit 2: Also check the hard plastic hoses around the cold start and the ICV. These tend to crack w/ age and can play merry hell w/ your idle.
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