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No O-Ring on the bottom of the air cleaner (well, not on mine or my friends '75 450SL anyway).

ICV is the idle control valve (3). Look for a big 'ol flat-head screw looking thing towards the front of the intake mani near the dizzy. There you should see the afore-mentioned idle screw (2), the hard rubber hoses I mentioned earlier (coming out of the ICV), and the cold start valve (1). (See attached image.)

You should definitely also check the engine temp sensor (4). My Bosch FI book states: "Should the sensor become shorted or the wiring harness grounded, the effects may not be noticeable at all when the engine is warmed up. The symptoms would be more like a carb w/ the choke stuck open: rough or erratic idle, stalling/hesitation when the engine is cold and progressively running better as the engine warms up."

Usually when the switch fails it fails 'open', causing the car to run super-rich through the whole cycle, so I'd look for a short in the switch or the wiring.

Just where I'd look first. D-Jet idle problems can be really hard to track down...

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