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Originally Posted by edmaz View Post
I have been told that the ring gear in my 1980 300 SD needs to be replaced, and that the transmission must be removed to do so. Most recent quote was about $800. I couldn't help but notice that no mention of removing the transmission was made above. Any comments?
Before you spend the money you might want to look at the whole ring gear and see if hit has burrs on the teeth.
I have had at least 3 situations where the ring gear teeth had the metal burred and the burrs were preventing the starter gear from engageing. (Done with the eingin in place and car/PU truck on jack stands.) I used a file and file and went around the whole ring gear and restored the teeth to as close as possible to normal and this fixed it. There may not be as much room on a Mercedes to do this with a file but maybe a Dremel tool of die grinder might work.
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