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I just read the homepage linked... and found this quite disturbing.

Due to the car's low profile, it would have sliced right into the Tahoe's cabin. My questions is, why didnt the driver see lights, smoke, debris, slowing traffic, or that actual wreck in time to stop, or for god sake, swerve!!!
I'll be the insensitive one here... what the heck was an inexperienced 18 year old driver doing in a 5000lb SUV at 100mph? That shows total lack of regard for anyone else on the road. Now that doesnt mean I think the guy in the camry didnt make a mistake by not swerving, but I dont think anyone should be pointing fingers. He brought this onto himself.

OTOH, I feel extremely sorry for this poor kids parents, freinds, siblings, ect. I know how bad a loss is and nothing will ever replace it. It gives everyone who has ever lost someone due to an accident new respect for what we usually take for granted. I also feel extremely sorry for the driver of the camry. He/she will live the rest of their life with the guilt of knowing they took the life of another human being, their fault or not.

I ride motorcycles and SUV's are my biggest fear. I'll never own one. I'll never drive one. They are extremely dangerous and the biggest threat to my life on the road. Anyone who drives one needs to understand the risks and control their speed. GM never envisioned a tahoe going 100mph. thats why the speedo only goes to 85. They did this for a reason. its a utility vehicle, not a high performance sports car. Anyone who treats it as a performance vehicle might have a rude awakening.

Sorry if my comments offend anyone..
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