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Me too

For MikeTangas

1. I think it’s what ever Mercedes feels for that day what link to put in their kit, or it probably varies from what model you have, but don’t quote me on it. At one time I just thought the "C" clip type was phased out by the crimped type.
2. When I did the chain on my 87 190E 2.3 it came with the crimped on type, and I had to get an extra master link to use for the “old chain to new chain” thing.
3. Funny at the time I was in your shoes but the opposite, I was looking for the "C" clip type to use for the old chain to new chain part of the process only. I’d also call around but nobody had the "C" clip type for my car, so I just got another crimped on type master($0.91). I remember the parts guy telling me the chain should come with one already. I told him what it was going to be use for, he quickly nodded with the “you know what you’re doing look” and gave me the part.
4. During the time for installation I just push the link in but didn’t crimp it, it’s a tight fit but not permanent (if you have a crimping tool you know what I mean), rotate the engine, took that link off and trashed it, then installed the link that came with the chain, push in then crimp it. All done. Oh I use tie wraps to keep the chain and sprocket together so it won’t jump.

For John Plut

If you have the proper crimping tool the manual say 35NM

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