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As some may recall---I have a 1989 300E. Last week the belt tensioner was replaced and a few days later the car would not start. The battery was discharged. Jumped courtesy of AAA--and car started instantly. Benzmac---you mentioned alternator may be malfunctioning or possible voltage regulator. -----Well Saturday was driving and the episode occurred again. Jump-started right up. Went to local station they performed load test and swore---battery needed replacement. They said--alternator was charging. Went to get the battery and as a service---the store checked the charging system. They said no discharged battery could be used on a load test to determine the proper charge of alternator. They said the battery was toast------and replaced it under their warranty. They were adamant in----opinion---alternator not charging properly. --------QUESTION WHO THE H--L IS RIGHT! I REALLY DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH JUST THE BATTERY REPLACEMENT----BUT IS THE SHOP PUSHING FOR AN ALTERNATOR WHEN ONE IS NOT NEEDED.

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