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Question 1993 320TE/E320 estate lights fault

Hi, I am writing from England with a question for you technical minded folk!

I have a 1993 320TE estate; it is one of the last before the badge and the front grill changed to the E320 format. I believe all the electrics etc. are the same as the E320

The interior lights in the tail, which can be switch to door opening or permanently-on on the dashboard, have now come on permanently. The dashboard switch doesn't make any difference except for a slight change in brightness when you remote lock the doorsnor do the door switches.

I have had to remove the "C" fuse to stop them draining the battery and that also disables the central remote locking. A real pain.

Is there a timer relay for the circuit and if so where is it, I have looked in the fuse box but none of the relays in there switch the lights out when removed.

Any Ideas??

While I'm in the writing mood, Why does my car always hunt when you start it warm and then try to slowly reverse? It is fine if you gun it, but not when inching out of a space!
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