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I know importing a car FROM the US TO Canada is very difficult, but hadn't thought about the other way...

Canadian emissions standards are as tough (I think tougher even) then California emissions. Your problem might be in specific smog-related equipement, which might be look different. If you just have to pass a tailpipe test, should be easy. Keep in mind only a couple provinces have mandatory tailpipe tests, so your car might need a tune.

Canadian cars have metric instruments. Not sure if your gov't mandates that they be changed. I think the 94 C-Class lacks ANY mph markings (my 98 has tiny ones), so changing might be required.

Canadian cars have 8 km/h bumpers, many US model cars have 4km/h bumpers. Don't see them making you change them. Coming into Canada, you have to.

Canadian 1990+ models have DRL's. Some newer US cars do too, so should be okay.
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