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The Canadian Transport department publishes a list of cars illigible for Canadian import, along with modifications necessary to comply with the Canadian regulation.
The US gov. might very well publish a similar document for cars imported from Canada.
For our US friends looking at buying a used car, the Canadian market should be a real treat due to our weak $$$
Ex: 1993 400E 80,000mi, all records: Advertized at $19,000.Can
which equals roughly $12,000. US
A 1993 300E, 93,000mi, very nice: advertized at $13,995Can:
about $8,800. US
A 1992 300E, 73,000mi advertized at $10,500.Can=$6,600.US
a 1995, 320E, 59,000mi, advertized at $21,000.Can=$13,200.US
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